Keep Confidence and Carry On!

So every blog has to have a first post, and for once I’m not writing one like an introductory diary entry. I’m leaving in the morning for Europe and I’ll be gone for 24 days!

I’ve flown internationally before but it’s been about nine years, and the last time I was even on a plane at all was three years ago. I’m definitely more confident in my carry on packing than my actual suitcase, but I’ll probably post about that when I get back.



1. Liquids!
– lip balm, eye cream, moisturizer, dry shampoo, etc.
2. Maryland flag scarf – which will hopefully double for a good blanket!
3. Phone charger, earbuds, power converter
4. Inflatable pillow (they were giving them out at the library during finals!)
5. Notebooks and iPad mini
6. Pizza pencil case
7. iPod
8. Trip information
9. Makeup
– comb, powder, lipstick, etc.
10. Headphones
11. Kate Spade wristlet
– for important things like my passport, wallet, etc

I’m also bringing extra clothing for emergencies, a rain jacket, and knitting supplies. I think all in all I’ll be pretty set for keeping myself entertained.

I’m going to England, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Greece, as a graduation present to myself. Lots of pictures and posts to follow when I get back!