What’s in My Beach Bag

The main staple of my beach vacation is always my beach bag. I’ve been carrying my aunt’s old bag since 2010 and it’s served me well, just as it did her for as long as I can remember. A striped tote with rope handles, it’s faded, beachy, and perfect. Here’s what I’ve carried in my beach bag every day this week!

labeled bag

1. the Bag Itself
2. Sunhat that I bought to keep myself from getting burnt in Venice last month
3. Towel, of course
4. Old t-shirt for a cover-up
5. Sun screen
6. Coozie from our favorite coffee place on the island
7. The Shell Seekers by Rosamunde Pilcher
8. Sunglasses
9. Ziplock bag to protect my phone on the beach
10. Water

Sometimes I’ll have a sandwich too, but I usually eat at the house before coming over to the beach. I carry this plus my beach chair across the street and over the access, and spend my afternoons reading and dozing in the sun. We’re leaving the day after tomorrow, and then it’ll be time to shake out the last few grains of sand and put my bag away for next year. Until then…




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