Moving aka Becoming Factory Girls

I recently got to experience a fun new Adult Thing – I moved into a new house in a new city! Because I just graduated from college, I couldn’t stay in my student apartment forever, so I moved to Baltimore with my best friends from high school. We’ve moved into a row home in Charles Village, and we’re calling it The Factory. It has tons of character with loads of exposed brick and all wood floors – is what I would write if I were trying to list the house. In truth, the wiring isn’t great, the floors are all scratched, and we’ve seen more than a few bugs since moving in. Honestly though it’s great for a rental and I think it suits us well now that we’ve really gotten settled and started decorating.

That being said, I’ve been busy unpacking and looking for a job, trying not to be lazy and getting out on my own away from my parents. I’m looking for any kind of copywriter position in Baltimore, some kind of job that will let me be creative and actually feel like I’m doing something productive instead of just doing clerical work to keep someone else’s office running.

Here are a few snapshots from decorating and settling into the new house. Hopefully you’ll love it as much as I do!

new_window for_sunglasses for_perfume breakfast



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