Five Things

on my mind lately…

  1. My family and I came home recently from spending an amazing week at the beach in North Carolina – I wish we could spend more time there and especially with our cousins who we vacation with every year.
  2. I am officially addicted to Pokémon Go. Team Blue/Mystic forever.
  3. Jim surprised me with this 🌸 cute lil babe 🌸 that he thinks even I should be able to keep alive. It may or may not be a test.
    Jim surprised me with this cute lil babe the other day and I’m going to try my hardest to actually keep it alive. If anyone has any tips for kalanchoe care, let me know!
  4. As I continue to learn to like my body & myself and continue to work towards a healthier lifestyle with better food and more exercise, I’ve found myself incorporating more and more tee shirt & shift dresses into my wardrobe. They’re some of my comfiest items of clothing and they’re perfect for days when I want to look nice with low effort. As they’re not always extremely flattering from certain angles, I definitely wouldn’t have worn them in the past – now I say I love them and I love me and I don’t care what anyone else thinks!
  5. I just found out about Aly & Aj Michalka (some of my favorites from the end of my Radio Disney & Disney Channel days) are in a new movie called Weepah Way for Now that looks really cool and is definitely a few steps away from Cow Belles. According to the website it’s only going to be screened in LA, which is about as far as you can get from Maryland without crossing borders, so all I can do for now is keep my fingers crossed that it’ll become more readily available over the next year or so, but I can’t wait to see it!