Labor Day 2016: Ocean City

This year, two of my friends and my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to be able to take a mini vacation for Labor Day, driving east across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to Ocean City, MD. Ocean City is definitely a Maryland landmark, with 9 miles of beach and boardwalk stretching up the Atlantic coast all the way to Delaware. Thousands of high school graduates flock to Ocean City for Senior Week every June, and OC hosts an average of 8 million tourists each summer.

We stayed at the Sea Breeze Inn, one block behind the Ocean Gallery on 2nd Street. The motel definitely wasn’t the nicest place I’ve ever stayed but it wasn’t the worst either, and it was a nice, inexpensive option for our 3-night stay in OC. There weren’t many electrical outlets available in each room, the pillows were kind of crappy, and the bathroom windows wouldn’t close, but the rooms were clean and the bed that I slept in was comfortable. They do charge a security deposit for people under age 25, but you get it back at the end of your stay if you haven’t damaged your room.

We happened to make landfall on the same night as Hurricane Hermine, so we spent Friday night through about noon on Saturday locked in our rooms away from the wind and rain, then made it out Saturday afternoon to get lunch and hang out on the boardwalk. Many of the restaurants and shops on the boardwalk were closed due to the storm, so we hung out at the arcade and then put up with driving wind and stinging sand to walk down to the shoreline. The waves that day were about the biggest I’ve ever seen – the pictures really don’t do them justice – and we didn’t go in the water at all for the whole weekend. We went to Harpoon Hanna’s for dinner, then played the weekend’s first round of mini golf (I lost).

Sunday was much nicer, and we spent hours on the boardwalk and were able to hang out on the beach and get some Ocean City staples for lunch – Thrasher’s fries and milkshakes from Dumser’s. We also found a yarn shop called the Salty Yarns and definitely spent too much time there (worth it), and then we spent more cash than time at the arcade (maybe not so worth it). On the beach, we warned Jim about not messing with seagulls, but he insisted on walking away to feed them the remains of his fries. This resulted in our being stalked by a flock of birds, but Jim denied any fault, of course.

Sunday night we had our second round of golf at Nick’s Mini Golf, which was definitely not as fun as the first (I lost, again). We were conned by a coupon with no fine print for “a free round of golf per group of four” which really meant “buy 3 rounds, get 1 free”, but when the man working the desk realized that we were about to leave after the explanation, he gave us 4 rounds for the price of 2, so we stayed. After, we visited a hometown favorite for dinner – The Crabby Pig, a restaurant from the town where I grew up, recently opened a new location in Ocean City! We got there around 9pm and the dining room was almost empty, but the food and drinks were really good.

Monday morning we checked out from the motel and spent a few hours on the beach before heading for home. We cashed in all of the arcade tickets that we’d earned all weekend, hit up the Candy Kitchen, and got one last milkshake before we hit the road. Overall I had a really good weekend, though the weather could’ve definitely been nicer. Hopefully it’ll be better next year!


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